How to buy bitcoin with prepaid Visa?

11-06-2019, 11:19

Buying bitcoin with prepaid card provides a significant advantage over other payment methods, that is anonymity. Due to increasing rules and regulations by the banks and governments throughout the world, some people prefer being anonymous while trading cryptocurrencies. Few major banks already banned top bitcoin exchanges from using their cards and bank transfer facilities, and many people now want to avoid linking their credit/debit cards and bank accounts directly with crypto trading. And that’s the reason people who prefer anonymity, getting inclined to prepaid cards despite several downsides of using the same. One can buy prepaid cards off-the-shelf, with the fixed preloaded amount and most times does not need to be registered in one’s name. Though in some countries, you may need to produce your ID to buy a prepaid card, such instances are rare. There are exchanges like from where you can buy bitcoin with prepaid visa.

Localbitcoins: If you want to buy bitcoins with a prepaid visa, Localbitcoins is the best choice. It is not an exchange in the traditional sense. You don’t have to provide your real name and address to buy bitcoins; instead, Localbitcoins is a place where you can meet other people interested in buying and selling bitcoins as such. Though you should use caution when selecting traders to conduct a transaction with. First you create an account and a wallet, but you don’t have to enter any sensitive data to Localbitcoins directly; instead, you search for other users who have bitcoins and want to sell them to you. In this case, we want to buy bitcoins for a prepaid visa, and there are plenty of offers to choose from. When you find a user offering to sell bitcoins at an exchange rate and terms that you like, you message them to negotiate the transaction then you pay the person with your prepaid visa card. When the payment is successful, the seller will release bitcoins from escrow to your wallet. That’s all, simple and fast.

Paxful: If you are like me then you probably have a ton of prepaid cards laying around unused. Maybe you can’t find anything to buy using the card, or perhaps you’re just looking for something useful to spend the card on. Whatever your reason might be, you can now find a useful way to spend your prepaid visa cards – to buy bitcoin from Paxful. Some of the most common prepaid cards they allow are Greendots, Netspend, MyVanilla, etc. Please note that, if you have purchased those prepaid cards from your local store, don’t forget to keep the receipt safe with you. Paxful wants you to produce the receipt to prevent fraud. In Paxful, finding a suitable trader with the price and trade instructions that you agree on is fairly easy, there are plenty to choose from. After you reach out to the seller, they’re going to ask you to send a clear photo of your card. Then you take a full picture of the entire front and back side of your prepaid visa card and send the same to the seller. The seller could also ask you to take a picture of the card receipt, that’s the reason I told you to keep your receipt safe at the beginning. Once that’s done, you just wait for them to verify and release your bitcoin and voila, you successfully finished the trade.